O2 Marketing Communications exhibitor at Leaders in Dubai Business Forum
O2 is pleased to announce that it will be an exhibitor at the Leaders in Dubai Business Forum. This highly anticipated event is just two months away...
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aswaaq Informative Campaigns entice readers through vibrant creative designs
Throughout 2008 and into 2009, a unique retail concept will be popping up in communities across Dubai. With 2,000,000 sq feet of authentic retail space, twenty community centers and more than 40 supermarkets planned, aswaaq will be a major player in the Dubai retail market...
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Abu Dhabi Waste Management Elects O2 as Successful Agency to Provide Branding and Website Development Services
After a great deal of strategic preparation and creative effort towards the development of a winning pitch for Abu Dhabi Waste Management, has been awarded as the successful bidder for ADWM, to provide Corporate Branding and website development services ...
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Life moves with Ducab - Creative Advertising Campaign one of the best so far
A new creative ad is circulating the Pan-Arab media. From two of the UAE’s major newspapers to various magazines and online, Ducab’s creative team, in a bold step, pushed the boundaries of advertising this summer and created an ad campaign that has got people talking...
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Cutting back on paper usage in the office - O2PR launches new green initiative
In an attempt to reduce waste and incorporate a culture of environmental consciousness amongst its staff – O2 has recently launched O2GOGREEN. As waste generation has continued to escalate due to the city’s rapid growth and urbanization O2 has embarked upon a simple but effective strategy to help reduce waste generated in its offices in the UAE...
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Relaxation and breathing techniques bring variety of benefits to O2 Employees
The health and welfare of O2 employees is a top priority for management. In an attempt to create increased productivity, reduce stress levels and improve employee physical and mental wellbeing, Yoga Guru George Stanboulieh has introduced a range of breathing and stretching techniques that will now commence on a weekly basis at the O2 Oxygen space....
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