O2 Creative Campaigns go the distance – From Bahrain to Algeria
O2 Bahrain successfully launched phase one of an extensive communications campaign for Amwaj Waves, one of Bahrain’s impressive multi-million dinar residential developments, located in the heart of Amwaj Islands.....
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Let’s go shopping – aswaaq opens its first retail store in Dubai
Aswaaq opened its doors to the public this month and welcomed an array of happy shoppers to its first store in the Nadd Al Hamar community. Let’s all speak aswaaq....
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Brand Extensions – From the Ronald McDonald ad to the lady in red, McDonnald's brand extension gets it right yet again
Some brands come and go and some are here to stay. McDonnalds is the perfect example of a brand which refuses to leave the limelight...
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How far can we go – advertising in the Middle East
Science tells us that each there are two modes of thinking and that we each prefer one over the other, the left side of the brain is analytical and the right side of the brain creative ...
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Cancer Awareness ‘Tawam spreads the word’
As breast cancer awareness campaigns have become more prominent and talked about in recent years, O2 embarked on a new health awareness campaign this year for breast cancer awareness month by tapping into the power of email messaging and social media.....
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Interactive websites – My site is interactive, is yours?
Do you know what Web 2.0 is?  It is a term that describes changing trends that are taking place on the web and the technology that is shaping its future. From static sites in the 1990s to fun interactive sites ...
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East meets West – word of mouth advertising
Ranked at no 3 as one of the World’s best cities by Travel and Leisure Magazine, Istanbul, which is visited by approximately 23, 148, 669 tourists per year is just a short 3 hours flight away from the UAE...
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Environmental concern - how even the small things can make a difference
Sometimes the sheer thought of the world’s problems and how grave they are can cause people to back off. From poverty to environmental degradation it can unfortunately lead to comments...
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