UAE National Day Celebrations
As the UAE prepares to celebrate its 37th National Day, we get the lowdown on the events that will take place around the country from November 23rd – December 4th ...
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Go Blogging with O2 Bloxygen!
Blogs are popping up all over the place with many companies now contemplating whether they too should be blogging. So, why have a blog? Is it really worth it?....
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O2 Abu Dhabi Successfully launched CDR
The Centre of Documentation & research hosted a conference on “New Perspectives On Recording UAE History” from November 23rd to Nov 25th at its premises in Abu Dhabi ...
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Abu Dhabi Branding Set to Shine in O9
Abu Dhabi is making its mark in the world of marketing with the introduction of new heavyweight brands and impressive branding campaigns such as Mubadala Development Company...
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O2 PR Strategic Partner for Genetic Diseases Association
Genetic disorders such as Thalassemia pose a significant problem in the UAE, challenging the medical, social and financial resources of the nation. In an attempt to raises awareness about the...
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Queen Rania Speaks Out on YouTube!
Once again, YouTube has proven to present the ideal platform on which the world can speak out and share their ideas. At the YouTube Live Awards, Queen Rania of Jordan...
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What will MBC do next?
From a single Arabic channel MBC 1 back in the 90s to 9 channels today, MBC is a legend. Cleverly positioning its multi-channels network throughout the Arab World ...
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O2PR is Expanding
Public Relations is a busy industry to be in right now, so, when word got out that O2PR was expanding its team, we were all excited to hear who would be coming onboard ....
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O2 Employees Gear Up for their 3rd Anniversary–70’s Style!
It’s hard to believe that in less than a week O2 will be 3 years old. Time sure does fly by. As a yearly tradition, employees from all the O2 offices; Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai and PR, interactive....
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O2 Kicks Off With New Football Team!
For the love of football, the love of O2, and the hate of stress, members of O2Bahrain have come together to kick some balls—footballs that is!  This November, the football hooligans of O2 have...
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