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Ever since I can remember, I couldn’t help but notice that the MENA region was cluttered with so much pointless advertising that didn’t effectively communicate with the market. Later I discovered that most of the region’s communications mediums were not achieving the objectives of their clients or successfully positioning their brands.

It became obvious to me that there was a growing demand for a research based agency that would offer its clients targeted communications solutions. It seemed like there was no strategy behind most advertising in the region, as though agencies were just putting out loud, blatant messages that weren’t at all effective.

I came from a broad Marketing background and worked in almost every role within an agency. I gained extensive marketing experience and had a solid business background so I started thinking seriously about opening my own agency. I was fortunate enough to gain a lot of support from friends and strategic partners who shared my vision.

We established O2 towards the end of 2005, to fill the gap in the region’s communications industry. It would grow to become an influential agency that would make a stand and transform the marketing scene in the Middle East. We intended to achieve this by providing our partners with targeted communications solutions that engage the consumer, based on the motto “KNOWYOURMARKETFIRST”.

From day one, we had big plans for O2. We would go beyond traditional practices to offer a host of services, to provide our partners with integrated marketing communication solutions. We would grow to become a network and one day, a global communications agency. Since our humble beginnings on Maktoum Street in Dubai, we have grown to become a network that spans the Middle East reaches North Africa and touches parts of Asia.

In today’s global climate, there’s never been a more critical time to work collaboratively with our partners. Now is the time for agencies to step up their game and come up with targeted, innovative solutions in face of the economic downturn. We have expanded our services so that we are better equipped to reach the consumers, enabling us to offer an array of solutions that will actively connect with them through strategic communication channels. Now we offer specialised services in Interactive Digital Media, Branding, Public Relations, and Marketing Communications. The objective is to connect with the consumer through the most innovative methods based on research.

O2 is the result of an entrepreneurial business model that was established to promote young talent. We are very fortunate to have a team of talented young individuals with an incredible passion for what they do. This passion is what propels us, allowing us to achieve tremendous accomplishments. To find this innovation, we are always building upon our knowledge base, conducting research, finding inspiration, and acquiring exclusive opportunities to gain creative exposure.

Our focus for the coming years will be to continue the expansion of our operations towards the realisation of our global network and delivering services of a global caliber. O2’s main objective is to contribute to the regional marketing industry by introducing new concepts and approaches into the regional market while developing and refining our current services and strategies.

Every O2 employee shares a unified vision to expand our global network and this determination is reflected in everything we do. As we develop and expand upon our scope of services and our operations across the region, it’s becoming clear, that our global vision is truly taking shape.

Mohammed Johmani

Founder of the O2 Network


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