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To establish a global knowledge sharing network that will change the world of communications forever.



  • To establish the O2 World Academy to make the practice of innovation available for everyone
  • To establish the O2 Café to house the academy and provide the world with an inspiring creative environment
  • To promote talent, hiring fresh minded people with a bright creative flair to be nurtured and developed
  • To develop creative communications strategies based on an extensive understanding of the consumer through our concept ‘know your market first”
  • To lead our clients and partners in the market by reaching collaborative, researched solutions that work, creating instant recognition and a compelling call for action
  • To put the consumer at the heart of our strategies, creating consumer based concepts that push the limits of traditional communications
  • To provide our team members a positive and inspiring creative environment, a place where they enjoy being, where they feel fulfilled, that encourages professional development and gives rise to creative ingenuity
  • To establish a multidisciplinary communications network and to be the first network to grow globally from the GCC
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