» English Copywriter for O2 Bahrain

Our agency has an opening in our Creative Department – O2 Bahrain for an English Copywriter; this will be a permanent position.
The Copywriter is responsible for writing clever, persuasive, attention grabbing copy for O2’s vast spectrum of creative works. This includes but is not limited to Marketing, Advertising, Branding, and PR.

The Copywriter is key in relaying the message to the target audience and therefore, must have an in-depth understanding of the communications strategy, the market, and the target audience. The Copywriter works closely with the Creative Director, the Creative Strategist, and the creative team to conceptualize and refine creative campaign ideas, effectively communicate the client’s objectives, and transform abstract ideas into clear, explicitly compelling copy.

Project Solutions

  • » Actively contributes towards the conceptualization process
  • » Masters brand strategies, creative briefs and delivers accordingly
  • » Able to plan and think through the technicalities of a project
  • » Delivers copy that vibrantly reflects the brand culture
  • » Understands the client’s business strategies and delivers innovative, masterful copy

Project Execution

  • » Consistently writes strategic copy that accurately and poignantly communicates the desired message of the campaign or project (reflecting the requirements of the brief and O2’s communications strategy for the client)
  • » Writes brilliant copy that harmonizes with and reflects artwork to create dynamically compelling ads
  • » Reviews and edits English/Arabic documentation as required
  • » Able to switch from one project to another without losing track or focus
  • » Able to work on multiple projects simultaneously, under pressure and managing tight deadlines
  • » Understands the creative concepts of others and is able to translate these abstract ideas into clear concise copy
  • » Amends, revises, and redevelops copy in response to internal and external feedback


  • » Masterful writing skills
  • » Able to effectively express ideas verbally and in writing
  • » Able to bring ideas to life through compelling, vivid copy that poignantly communicates strategic messages
  • » Ability to interact professionally with O2’s diverse team
  • » Capable of synthesizing dense information into clear and concise copy

Professional Qualities:


  • » Responsible for reviewing and editing outgoing copy and documentation
  • » Provides ongoing support to O2 team members, helping them express ideas and translating their creative concepts into words i.e., presentations, rationales, letters, strategies, etc.
  • » Assumes additional responsibility without being asked
  • » Proactively seeks opportunities to broaden professional horizons and keeping current with copy trends
  • » Generates enthusiasm among team members
  • » Responsible for delivery of fresh, effective, and innovative copy
  • » Takes the initiative to lead creative projects


  • » Open to take on any mission assigned by management
  • » Facilitates effective team interaction
  • » Establishes a harmonious working relationship with team members

Client Management

  • » Gains full respect of clients as a reference in copy

Internal Operations

  • » Upholds the O2 culture by keeping a positive attitude, approaching work with passion and care, being flexible, proactive, cooperative, and embracing diversity
  • » Contributes to the overall Agency Climate
  • » Actively contributes to internal programs
  • » Accurately completes and submits time sheets in a timely manner
  • » Complies with all O2 policies and procedures


  • » Bachelor of Arts degree, preferably in a related field of study

Knowledge of copy-writing

  • » Applicants should have English as their first language
  • » Proficient in English orally and clearly in writing
  • » Outstanding ability and creativity in copy-writing
  • » Meticulous attention to detail
  • » Strong analytical and creative thinking skills
  • » Solid organizational skills, organizing resources and establishing priorities

Company Profile

O2 is an award-winning communications agency with a global vision, created to fill the gap in the marketing industry. We’re on the lookout for talented individuals to join our ever-growing team. We want passionate, ambitious people who bring a unique energy to the team, who thrive when faced with a challenge.

Take action! e-mail your CV to recruitment@o2network.net

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