Integrated Marketing Communications

This is a technique where marketing communication tools (promotional mix) are coordinated to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum communications’ impact through the seamless integration of discrete messages. Using IMC, O2 marketers are no longer relying on one communication too

Know Your Market First

Before we begin the creative process, we make sure we understand our partners’ current reality in the market, exploring and identifying open, viable opportunities in the market. Research is the foundation of all operation

We Believe

O2 believes in appealing to the market and connecting with consumers through an engaging communications message. We believe that the most effective way to reach audiences is not to shock, but to attract and influence our target demographics in an informative, original and innovative manner.

What the Market Wants

“What the Market Wants” is a research service developed by O2 based on the mission of what is needed instead of what is available in the market. This is made available through rational decisions driven by extensive market and marketing research.

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