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O2 believes in appealing to the market and connecting with consumers through an engaging communications message. We believe that the most effective way to reach audiences is not to shock, but to attract and influence our target demographics in an informative, original and innovative manner.


We strive to be the first in everything we do. We constantly come up with the most innovative, ground braking ideas! We do research first to make sure that the consumer comes first—in fact, our motto is ‘KNOWYOURMARKETFIRST’. Our vision is to be the first UAE based IMC network to go global. Already, O2 is distinguished as the first UAE based communications network with global reach.

We work dynamically together to go above and beyond our organizational goals. We consider the O2 team our family and are careful to select only the most passionate people, who will enrich our team, believe in our values and global vision. We are fortunate to be encircled by people we admire, appreciate and cherish. We inspire each other to push our potential, exceed expectations, and be the best that we can be. This cohesive unity is what drives us to reach the most remarkable results, giving us the strength to supersede other agencies in the region, and take on the globe!

Communicating with people is the heart of our profession, and the people within O2 are the reason we exist.

We appreciate people. We try to see the world through their eyes, conducting focus groups, and research so that we can pinpoint the central triggers that motivate and influence a consumer’s decision-making process. Understanding our target market enables us to determine the most appropriate, engaging communications strategies and achieve our partners’ ambitious objectives.

Our success is contingent on the satisfaction of our partners. (We refer to our ‘clients’ as our ‘partners’.) We work closely with our partners to develop integrated strategies that will effectively communicate their key corporate messages. We strive to create enduring partnerships built on trust, commitment, and a history of success for our mutual benefit.

We are an expressly creative variety of people from across the globe who have joined forces to create masterful communications solutions and fulfill O2’s global vision. A perpetual passion for everything we do is what powers us to come up with astounding strategies and shine through the vast world of communications.

The OXYGENSPACE is a dimension created especially to inspire O2’s creative process. It’s a space in which ideas are able to breathe, thoughts are able to materialize, imaginations can run wild, and research is able to evolve. We encourage each other to stretch our ideas beyond the limits, and for our partners to participate in the creative process.

Before we begin the creative process, we make sure we understand our partners’ current reality in the market, exploring and identifying open, viable opportunities in the market. Research is the foundation of all operations, which is why our positioning statement is ‘KNOWYOURMARKETFIRST’.

WHATTHEMARKETWANTS (an extension of KNOWYOURMARKETFIRST) is another research based concept that focuses on determining the business objectives of our partners based on ‘WHATTHEMARKETWANTS’ through an in-depth analysis of the prospect of the ever-changing market.

The O2CULTURE is a positive state of mind that every O2 employee subsumes, allowing us to recognise the value of our thoughts. This is a constant mindset that we carry with us wherever we go. We believe that no idea is a bad idea; how ideas transform into brand values is what makes them extraordinary. We pride ourselves on a having a positive, encouraging, and safe work environment in which people can express themselves creatively and freely.

We love our work, we love one another, and we love O2! We inspire each other to reach for the stars, exceed our potential, and be the most amazing versions of ourselves. We share a profound respect for one another; each one of us has something incredibly special to offer and this is what makes O2 so unique! We are passionate about instilling love, and this love shines through everything we do.

The Abdul Initiative
Abdul was O2’s office assistant, but not just any office assistant, an extraordinary one! Everything he did, he did with passion. Even when he made a cup of coffee, you could tell it was made with love and care. Abdul constantly volunteered to help in the creative department, mounting and cutting artwork, binding proposals and making sure everything was in order before presentations. Mohammed Johmani, O2’s Managing Director, recognized this passionate flair and promoted him to ‘Creative Assistant’. Abdul was someone that everyone could count on to get the job done right.

Grateful for his promotion, Abdul offered a present to Mo wrapped exquisitely in O2 wrapping paper and topped with a matching blue bow. Mo unwrapped the present only to find a seemingly ordinary plain white mug. Mo received it for what it was, appreciated the thoughtful gesture and left it at that.

A few minutes later, an excited, yet calm Abdul came into Mo’s office with a kettle full of hot water. Without so much as a word, Abdul filled the mug. Mo watched with anticipation, wondering what on earth Abdul was doing!

As the water filled the mug, something magical happened! It began to change! Slowly, from the bottom working its way up to the top, bright circles began to appear on the surface of the mug. Mo stared at the mug in fascination and then realized that what he was seeing was O2’s global vision! He was astonished! This was one of the most meaningful, most thoughtful gifts he had ever received!

At that very moment, it occurred to Mo that things are not always as they appear; everyone has the potential to achieve great, creative feats if they approach life and work with passion, dedication, and inspiration.

Inspired by Abdul’s passion, Mo was determined to spread this powerful energy to our valued team members and partners. Today, we call this mass produced mug ‘the Abdul Initiative’.

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